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CRA: Where Are We Now?

December 10, 2010

The Cleaning and Restoration Association has come a long way since May 2009. Having 130-plus members join our association in just 19 months is an outstanding achievement. We are proud of all that we have been able to accomplish and we could not have done so without the help and support of our members and especially our board of directors.

In 2010, CRA began mailing a quarterly newsletter to all of our members, started the WFCA Trade Scholarship program and established an impressive website presence that promotes our member companies. We have made it a priority to advertise and create relationships between our members with other industries as part of our Outreach Program, and have a customized Insurance Program.

We are also implementing a Mentoring Program, designed to show commitment to the next generation of cleaning and restoration professionals. By having experienced mentors serve as trusted advisors to those new to the industry, the program will help continue the tradition of success and innovation in the industry, and help strengthen the future workforce through the passing on of lessons, experiences and career options.

In 2011, CRA is planning to expand its committees. In addition to working on a schedule of quarterly member meetings for regular member companies to meet, network, and create new relationships with our associate member companies and others, we are currently looking for volunteers who are willing to help on the following committees: Media; Communications & Activities; Education; Workshop; Membership; Outreach Program; Long Range Planning and Mentoring. The more helpful hands we have participating in these committees, the greater the benefit to our members. We’re also looking for skilled volunteers interested in being part of our board of directors.

To be considered for CRA Committees, CRA Board of Directors or to sign up for the Mentoring Program, please contact Brandi Richardson at (916) 736-1100 ext. 302, or brichardson@crassociation.org.

For more information on the Cleaning and Restoration Association, visit www.crassociation.org or call (916) 736-1100.