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CRI SOA Program Certifies New Group of Commercial Vacs

August 4, 2010

DALTON GA - Wednesday, August 04, 2010 - A new group of commercial vacuum cleaners has been tested and certified under the Carpet and Rug Institute’s (CRI) Seal of Approval (SOA) program which validates performance in soil removal, indoor air quality protection and reduced carpet wear. Vacuum cleaners meeting CRI’s Bronze, Silver or Gold performance metrics now include:
  • Lindhaus USA, from Savage, Minnesota, has earned Silver-level SOA certification for its Dynamic 300e, Activa 30 Pro, and Diamante commercial upright models, as well as Bronze-level approval for its RX380 and Pro Hepa commercial uprights.
  • Tornado, a division of the Fenton, Missouri-based Tacony Corporation received Bronze-level certification for its CKLW13/1 - Tornado ProLite commercial upright.
  • Based in Fort Worth, Texas, PowrFlite has added three commercial upright models to the SOA roster at the Bronze level: the PowrFlite PF62 EC, PowrFlite CFR51EC, and PowrFlite 67218 Piranha Liteweight.
  • The Hoover Company of Glenwillow, Ohio, achieved Silver-level certification for its Hoover CH50025 Merry Maids Elite Commercial upright.
  • Koblenz Electrica S.A. de C.V., of Edo De, Mexico, adds four vacuums at the Silver level: the U-80Z Endurance, U-80ZA Endurance, U-90Z Endurance, and U-90ZA Endurance.
The CRI SOA program now includes a total of 206 vacuum cleaners that have been submitted voluntarily by manufacturers for evaluation by CRI’s test complex. Since its inception, the SOA program has been responsible for increasing the amount of soil removed from carpet, and thus the efficacy of cleaning operations, by a significant margin.

"When CRI introduced vacuum testing in 2001, some vacuums removed as little as 12% of soil and few routinely removed more than 35 percent of soil in four passes,” CRI President Werner Braun said. “Today, it is rare to see a vacuum that does not achieve at least Bronze level certification (40-49% soil removal) and many meet or exceed the Gold level - 55% of soil removal - in four standardized passes.*

“Even more important for indoor air quality and health, the Seal of Approval program now recognizes vacuums that release less than 35 micrograms of total particulate per cubic meter of air - that's less than 1/1000th the size of a grain of salt. That's vanishingly small.

“The SOA program, which has undergone continuous improvement since its inception, has clearly made a difference in the efficacy of professional carpet cleaning equipment and the cleanliness of carpet, with resulting positive impacts to the indoor environment, profitability of cleaning services, and the appearance, lifecycle and sustainability of carpet. We are proud of these achievements, and look forward to continuing to raise the performance bar in partnership with the professional cleaning industry,” Braun said.

To find a complete list of SOA-approved products, visit the CRI's website.

*CRI recommends that vacuuming be performed slowly with multiple passes to bring soil removal levels to optimal levels of 80% or more.