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Crime & Clean

September 23, 2010

“Where is the money?” On an ochre-fingered dawn in a low-slung apartment building in Del Paso Heights, this is the pressing question of the hour, one that pesters Shawn Ramos as she sets about doing her job. Ramos and her husband, Max Baker, both veteran trauma- and crime-scene cleaners, can handle the flies and the smell-the question, not so much.

In their three-year career as owners of a private, local business called BioSite Restoration, trained and licensed in “the complicated process of cleaning scenes affected by decomposition, suicide and accidents involving blood and bodily fluids, fecal matter [and] odor, cleaning distressed properties and gross filth residences (hoarders) involving biohazard contaminants, as well as odor removal,” according to their website, Ramos and Baker had faced worse trauma and crime scenes than the one here. From NewsReview.com.