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Dial Complete Inventor Receives Innovation Award

January 11, 2001
Scottsdale, Ariz. (PRNewswire) -- On a day set aside to celebrate innovation, The Dial Corp. honored its leading inventor of the past quarter century with an award named for the inventor of Dial Soap.

Philip Seitz, PhD, received the Robert A. Casely Award from Herbert M. Baum, chairman, president and CEO of Dial. The award is named for Casely, who invented Dial Soap, the first deodorant soap, in 1948.

Seitz is the inventor of Dial Complete, which will be available to the public this spring. Dial Complete, a liquid soap that kills 10 times as many disease-causing germs as ordinary liquid hand soaps and does not require water to create foam, the company says. It’s one of many new products Dial will introduce in 2001.