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Disaster Restoration Service Introduces Guaranteed 24-Hour Assistance

August 14, 2006
AUGUST 02, 2006 -- West Chester, Pa. --Dynamic Building Restoration LLC, a provider of disaster restoration services, announced a new program that will guarantee assistance to building owners immediately following hurricanes and other natural disasters. The company said this is the first "contract emergency asset management program" for hurricane relief.

The program, Dynamic Assurance, provides companies with guaranteed response services and materials within 24 hours of the "all clear" given after a natural disaster.

Dynamic Building said its program makes available large-scale drying equipment, technical expertise, moisture mapping, infrared cameras, industrial generators, and other assets that are difficult, if not impossible, to secure after a hurricane, or similar catastrophe, strikes. The company will for example provide 24-hour response for structural drying, mold remediation, and demolition if required.

"After Hurricane Katrina, more and more of our customers, as well as customers of other restoration companies, approached us and asked for a solution to deliver support immediately following a disaster," Weingartner stated. "The lesson we learned from last year is that when emergency services are overtaxed, businesses are often unsuccessful in securing materials and services needed for them to keep operating. This program guarantees that subscribers will have specific assets and teams of manpower available to them, and able to be mobilized at a moment's notice."

The program serves the entire country. In order to ensure a 24-hour response time and necessary assets to Dynamic Assurance members when disaster strikes, Dynamic Restoration limits membership in the program per region. So far, membership only in Miami has been closed, Weingartner said.