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Does SOA Mean SOL for Professional Carpet Cleaners?

May 14, 2007

The CFI Symposium & Showcase held in Torrance, Calif. last year was such an overwhelming success that it’s returning this year, “New and Improved.” Shining a spotlight on burning issues the industry is faced with today, CFI will, through pro and con panel discussions, address these hot topics:
  1. Is there A Need To Mold Sample When You Can Use Laser Particle Counters & Measure Dust Loads?
  2. Does SOA mean SOL for most industry Professionals?
  3. Flooring Nightmares – Biggest new dangers in soft and hard surfaces, with tips to stay out of trouble.
  4. Success Strategies to Outsmart the Big Franchises.
  5. Discussion on the IICRC Certification – Is it worth it?
  6. Keep the Legal Eagles from taking your business away?

There will be something for everyone, from an “Equipment Rodeo” with side-by-side testing to hands-on breakout sessions.

As there tends to be a certain gloss applied to any topic that may hold even the slightest whiff of controversy, from the opening welcome to the closing remarks you can expect a spin-free look at some of the ins and outs of the industry, while at the same time learning how to cover your legal flank. Cutting-edge information to the stewards of our industry, supported by our vendors, who provide us with the tools and equipment needed to keep us at the forefront of the latest technologies.

We recruited nationally recognized industry experts to bring a high-caliber program to our attendees. The impressive lineup includes industry notables such as Ed Cross, Peter Sierck, Carl Grimes, James Beach, Patrick Moffett, Lisa Wagner and a couple surprise guests.

Mark your calendars: June 30, Torrance Marriott, Torrance, Calif. Visit our Web site at www.carpet9.org for detailed information.