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Downey Named to CRI Committee

December 11, 2001
Long-time industry veteran John Downey has been appointed to serve on CRI's Cleaning and Maintenance Subcommittee.

GRANVILLE, Ohio -- Former Cleanfax publisher John Downey, whose company now serves as national master distributor of the Steamin Demon II High-Flow Extraction Carpet Cleaning System, has been appointed to serve on the Cleaning and Maintenance Subcommittee of the Carpet and Rug Institute (CRI).

Downey said, "I am honored that the CRI would see fit to include me on this subcommittee. I look forward to the opportunity to participate and assist the CRI in its efforts to promote the use of proper maintenance procedures in order to maximize carpet performance."

Downey, himself active in the cleaning industry for 25 years, comes from a family that's been involved in the cleaning industry since 1897.