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Dri-Eaz, partners reach out to support Hurricane Katrina victims

September 8, 2005
BURLINGTON, Washington - September 7, 2005 - Dri-Eaz Products, Inc., and three strategic partners - U.S. Products, Microban Systems and GE Sensing - are working to send two semi-trucks of supplies and equipment to the Katrina-ravaged Gulf Coast.

These include some basic supplies to start the process of turning uninhabitable flooded structures into spaces people can occupy-flood pumpers, extraction wands, Vortex ventilators, moisture detection instruments and 2,592 gallons of antimicrobial/sanitizer chemicals. Additionally, Dri-Eaz plans to donate 50% of the revenue from its September and October Applied Structural Drying Schools to the American Red Cross. The value of the products donated is more than $254,000 and the donated revenue from the classes is expected to exceed $65,000.

"We recognize that the most critical thing we can do is build equipment for professional restorers to use as fast as we can-our production teams are working 12-hour shifts around the clock-but we wanted to do more, since the needs are so great," said Bill Bruders, Dri-Eaz President. "The economic loss for victims of Katrina is so severe we want to help those struggling to find shelter. They don't have any of the right tools to even begin to get spaces drier or livable. While it's imperative to use water damage professionals to properly dry out a structure, right now resources are spread thin and we're just trying to help provide people with the basics."