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Dri-Eaz Products continues third-party verification process

August 18, 2008

August 11, 2008 – Burlington, Wash. Dri-Eaz Products, Inc., continues to lead the charge in urging restoration equipment manufacturers to submit their dehumidifiers to third-party certification. Just this week Dri-Eaz shipped another set of dehumidifiers to Intertek, an independent laboratory under contract with AHAM, for performance verification.

In 2004, Dri-Eaz issued a challenge to all restoration equipment manufacturers to publish third-party verified performance data for their equipment. Bill Bruders, President of Dri-Eaz, said, “Restorers, distributors, and insurance adjusters all rely on accurate information to do their jobs – and the consequences of having the incorrect information are quite serious.”

In an intensively competitive marketplace, overstating performance is a real temptation for manufacturers. But when a restoration job doesn’t go right, it’s restoration contractors who often get the blame. When restorers rely on equipment without verified performance it can inadvertently create a chain of inaccuracies that put their business, the insurers and their customers at risk. Misleading performance data may cause restorers to install insufficient equipment, overcharge insurers, and leave homes and businesses exposed to excessive moisture longer than they should be.

Equipping the restorer with accurate information is why Dri-Eaz has its dehumidifiers independently tested and makes the results publically available on its website at http://www.dri-eaz.com/products/productspecs.html. Dri-Eaz understands that equipment manufacturers gain little by inflating performance claims and risk much for the restorers who must depend on this information to make good decisions.

Restorers also need to be able to trust that their dehumidifiers will continue to reliably work, job after job.

In the end, it’s the total picture that should drive restoration owner’s equipment selection: durability, portability and verified performance.