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DuPont Reaffirms Support For EPA Regulatory Process

June 5, 2003
WILMINGTON, Del. -(Dow Jones)- DuPont reaffirmed its support for the Environmental Protection Agency's plans to conduct a science-based risk assessment for perfluorooctanoic acid, or PFOA.

PFOA, a processing aid used by DuPont and others to manufacture fluoropolymers, is currently an unregulated compound. In April, DuPont refuted allegations made by the Washington D.C.-based Environmental Working Group that PFOA is harmful to the health of women of child-bearing age, young girls, or any other segment of the human population.

In a press release Thursday, the science company said it will convene a scientific advisory board to evaluate the risk assessment's findings.

The EPA is holding the first of several public meetings on PFOA on Friday in Washington, D.C., following issuance of a preliminary risk assessment on PFOA in mid-April. In addition to manufacturing and using PFOA for fluoropolymer manufacture, DuPont also makes telomers, products in which it has been suggested trace amounts of PFOA may be present.

DuPont said it is committed to cooperating with EPA in the regulatory process and is hopeful that a credible and reasonable regulation can be achieved.

"We are confident that the outcome of this process will support DuPont's position that the products involved here are safe for their intended uses, and we are equally committed to supplying only products that can be used safely," the company said.