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E-Learning Program Officially Launched

November 3, 2009

Ontario, Canada – November 2, 2009 - An E-Learning Program developed by Enviro-Solutions, a green cleaning chemical manufacturer and recently displayed at the ISSA/INTERCLEAN North America tradeshow in Chicago, has been officially launched.

  Access to the program is currently limited to Enviro-Solutions distributors but plans call for it to be available to all end-users of Enviro-Solutions products.

  According to Mark Warner, Director of Training for Enviro-Solutions, the user-friendly E-Learning program provides users with comprehensive product, procedures, and sales training programs specifically for jansan distributors and DSRs. 

  “It also covers virtually every aspect of [professional] cleaning, from floor care to using disinfectants,” he says. 

  Altogether, there are more than 30 training courses and more than 100 modules PowerPoint as well as video presentations included in the program. 

  One key course is specifically on selling Green cleaning products – where to market them, how, handling objections, sales aids, additional training resources, etc.

  Warner adds that virtually each module in the E-Learning program includes a quiz and that many of these are “not a walk in the park.”

  He adds that some quiz questions “may prove to be extremely difficult…without studying [the material] and that is by design.  We want course members to really learn this material.”

  The program also provides toll-free technical support as well as individual tracking and reporting systems for each participant so distributors and/or their employers can view their progress.  

  “This will be a ‘living’ E-Learning program,” adds Warner.  “It is under constant improvements, with on-going additional courses and modules being added.”