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Editorial Comment: A Refreshing Take on Restoration

August 1, 2006
The inaugural Carpet & FabriCare Institute Restoration Symposium & Showcase held at the Torrance Marriott in Torrance, Calif., July 15, was a success by any measure, shining a spotlight on some of the issues the industry is facing today.

As any regular industry-event attendee will attest, there tends to be a certain gloss applied to any topic that may hold even the slightest whiff of controversy. And restoration, with all the litigious baggage that comes with it, often receives a pretty thick coat. However, from the opening welcome to the closing remarks, the CFI presented a surprisingly spin-free look at some of the ins and outs of the restoration and remediation industry.

"The purpose of the event was to provide cutting-edge information to the stewards of our industry," CFI Los Angeles Chapter Director and Symposium creator Matthew Sanders said. "We knew that we would need the best speakers in the business, and we knew that the event would require support from the vendors that provide us with the tools and equipment we need to keep us on the cutting edge.

"What is our mission in this industry? We clean for health," he said.

The CFI was able to put together quite a lineup of industry experts, including RestCon Environmental's Jim Holland, ET&T's Peter Sierck, and well-known speaker and attorney Ed Cross. The Symposium Panel featured Water Out Drying Corp.'s Charles Cressy, Steve Rush of Environmental Inspection & Solutions, Advanced Restoration Specialists' Darrell Paulsen and Dr. Owen Seiver and Dr. John Schillinger of Environmental Home Consultants tackling issues from heat drying and mold removal to biocides and ozone.

"The state of the science, right now, is that if you ask somebody, ‘Why are we removing mold from the wall?' the answer truly is, ‘we don't know," Seiver said. "Do mycotoxins come through the wall? The answer is, ‘We don't know.' What's the effect on a 3-month-old-baby sitting in front of that wall for the next five years? We don't know. Because we don't know, I think there is value in saying, ‘Let's open it up and get rid of it, because in 15 years maybe we will know better.' Remove it."

Events like the CFI Restoration Symposium & Showcase highlight the importance of regional trade associations. The value and level of information available through them may surprise you; contact your association today and see what it has to offer.