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Editorial Comment: ICS Increases Your Bottom Line!

September 11, 2000
In this month's Editorial Comment, Editor Arpi Nalbandian reveals the results of an informal on-line survey, addresses cleaning for health, and more...

Welcome to ICS’ Semi-Annual Truckmount issue. ICS columnist and industry veteran Bob Wittkamp unveals several realistic suggestions in the feature article “Setting Up Your Truckmount for Efficient Carpet Cleaning.” His point: Implementing just a few timesaving techniques will enable you to minimize setup time and reap the benefits of your truck mount unit.

Also beneficial to cleaners and restorers is an article dedicated to rising fuel costs. Since May 2000, prices at the pump have increased steadily with no relief in sight. To find out how the fuel prices affect you, we conducted an informal poll through ICS’ e-mail forum and asked the following questions: How have you or your company dealt with the issue?; What steps have you taken to reduce fuel costs (altering routes, increased frequency of oil changes, etc...)?; Have you passed on the increase to your customers? How much do you pay per gallon?; and Do you foresee any long-term affects as a result of the high prices?

The responses we received really put the issue of rising fuel costs into perspective. For the full story, turn to page 34 and reach your own conclusions.

Further, this month’s issue features an article devoted to cleaning for health. Chemist and columnist Joe Domin addresses the role water and temperature play in eradicating microbes in carpets in “Carpet Cleaner or Exterminator?” See page 26 for the details.

But what about the health of your pocket and bottom line? That’s where Paine Webber financial advisor Frank Calderone steps in and addresses the cleaner’s need. He brings to light how, as investors, cleaners and restorers should realize how “timing the market” contributes to successful long-term financial goals.

In addition to reading up-to-date information within these pages, visit our web site for up-to-the-minute information on what’s going on in our industry. Did you know that 3M is in process of developing a heat-cure fluorochemical as a replacement to its recently pulled Scotchgard product? If you weren’t aware of that tidbit, then take the time and log on to our informative bulletin board at www.icsmag.com. Your bottom line depends on it!

As always, I’m open to your suggestions, comments and concerns. Together, we will continue to make ICS the industry’s most preferred source of information.