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Editorial Comment: Spring Has Sprung. Now What?

May 3, 2001
It’s that time of year when allergies and Indoor Air Quality issues poke their persistent heads out of the seasonal hole. Are you ready?

About six months ago, I planted dozens of flower bulbs that held promises of growth and beauty. Before becoming an avid gardener (a requirement when you’re a homeowner, check your deed), I never knew what to make of these things. My father used to diligently plant them annually, but I never paid attention to what he was doing as I had the thankless chore of pulling weeds.

So, with that lack of knowledge, and too much pride to ask dad for help, I went to my local nursery and bought bags of bulbs (can you say “sucker”?). The nursery staff saw me coming before I even stepped out of the house. I bought so many, I didn’t know if I should thinly slice and then sauté them in extra virgin olive oil with mushrooms, or use them to scare away the squirrels from the bird feeder! I finally relented and read the directions on the packet.

Finally, about a month ago, I started seeing the reward: Yellow daffodils and rows of tulips in subtle hues of peaches, creams, and pinks. Ah, success! I just can’t bring myself to cut them and put them in a vase. Maybe next year.

Spring is the season of my success. However, to others it’s a season of dread. Outdoor blooms are one thing, but dust and animal dander equal allergies indoors. Therefore, your allergy-suffering cleaning customers are looking to you for Indoor Air Quality solutions.

To help you address your customer’s needs, this month’s ICS features Joe Domin with “Indoor Air Quality & Carpet: How Do Chemicals Factor In?” and Aaron Groseclose with “Anti-Allergen Cleaning: A Service For The New Millennium.” Additionally, our editorial line-up features a case study, “Water Damage Restoration Using Freeze-Drying Equipment & Techniques.” At ICS, we have the motto of “old news is no news,” so you know these features are packed with eye-opening information.

Finally, if you haven’t done so already, I want to remind you to send in submissions for a special section that highlights you and your peers. Come on, don’t be shy! Submit photos of yourself next to your truck or van with a list of what products, chemicals and equipment you regularly use. Also, tell us something about yourself, and any “tricks of the trade” you would like to share. Send all submissions to my attention at: ICS Magazine, 22801 Ventura Blvd., Suite 115, Woodland Hills, CA 91364. Who knows, maybe next time you’ll be the one in the spotlight!