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Electrolux LLC Launches New Name, Strategy

May 14, 2001
Berkeley, Calif. (Business Wire) -- Electrolux LLC has launched a new name, identity, and brand voice system, all created by Addis, a brand strategy and design firm.

Dallas-based Electrolux will now be known as Aerus and will extend the look and feel Addis created to all expressions of its brand, from advertising to storefront signage, over the next several years. Addis also helped Aerus develop a business strategy for expanding into catalog, retail, and online sales.

according to a press release, Aerus asked Addis to create a new name, positioning, branding architecture, and identity that would help it grow after it sold the North American rights to its 77-year-old name in 1998 to the Swedish firm The Electrolux Group. The two companies are not affiliated. Addis' research found that consumers enjoy the feelings of accomplishment and balance that result from cleaning. Addis "positioned Aerus as the 'healthy living brand,' a company whose products foster a sound mind, body, and environment by giving consumers a sense of renewal and fulfillment when they clean their homes," according to Addis.