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Encouraging Success with Superior Information

June 5, 2002
Professional cleaning and restoration technicians need information to succeed. Success is what ICS Cleaning Specialist is all about, and that is why we dedicate every June issue to collecting, deciphering and disseminating information on the various segments that make up the cleaning industry.

The annual ICS Directory & Buying Guide is the all-encompassing gateway to the cleaning and restoration industry. Every year the ICS staff strives to deliver to you information on the manufacturers, products, distributors, schools, inspectors, franchises and associations that comprise the framework around which successful cleaning professionals build their businesses.

It is hard to believe that the first half of 2002 is already past. We are well into the planning for 2003, looking ahead at what ICS will be bringing to you. So far this year, in addition to our planned content, mold has crept into nearly every issue of ICS. We have done our best to keep you informed as new developments occur, and will continue to do so as information on legislation and remediation standards unfolds into 2003.

Certainly, much is happening with IICRC, ASCR and the IAQA as they and other organizations and experts convene, along with the Environmental Protection Agency, to discuss and debate the need for viable standards for mold remediation, and whether the creation of such standards is even possible. Be sure to read every issue of ICS magazine, and visit ICS Online at www.icsmag.com daily for all the latest news and developments.

Our Bulletin Board is more active than ever, and we welcome you to become a part of this forum for exchanging ideas and experiences with other industry professionals. This virtual community will once again come together, live and in person, for Summerfest, which is currently planned to held in St. Louis, Sept. 20-22. If you have never attended Summerfest, it may be best described as the "un-tradeshow." This group comes together from around the United States (and perhaps some of our friends from down under or Europe may make an appearance), bound together by a common thread: they are all part of ICS Online.

Speaking of tradeshows, don't miss the ISCT gathering in Clearwater Beach, Fla., July 23-27 or the CFI/PCUCA Convention and Tradeshow in Sacramento, Calif., Aug. 15-17. There is a lot to see and learn at these events, as well as having the opportunity to meet your peers. It is all part of making ours a better industry and yours a better business.

But I digress. Enjoy the ICS 2002 Directory & Buying Guide. And here's to increasing success for the rest of 2002.