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Engine Manufacturers Applaud EPA Fuel Changes

December 20, 2000
Chicago (Business Wire) --The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) today proposed the most challenging set of emission requirements to date for the diesel engine industry. The new requirements, effective with the 2007 model year, are in addition to the 2004 model year reductions mandated in a rule just finalized by EPA two months ago.

The final ruling, which mandates cleaner diesel fuel and an additional 90% reduction in nitrogen oxide (NOx) and particulate matter (PM) emissions beginning in 2007 represents a milestone for EPA. Mandel emphasized that the nationwide availability and use of ultra low sulfur diesel fuel is a prerequisite to engine makers ability to introduce the advanced aftertreatment devices needed to achieve EPA's emission goals. Engine manufacturers will use new aftertreatment technologies to achieve both NOx and PM reductions.

EMA, however, expressed concern that the final rule may not provide the flexibility needed to assure a technologically feasible and cost effective program.

EMA is a trade association representing worldwide manufacturers of internal combustion engines for all applications except passenger cars and aircraft. The EMA continues to work with government and industry stakeholders to help the nation achieve its goals of cleaner fuels, more efficient engines and cleaner air.