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Enviro-Solutions Updates Web Site

April 28, 2010

Peterborough, ON – April 28, 2010 - Enviro-Solutions recently updated its Web site, providing floor and facility-care tools that can be used by both distributors and end customers.

  The first tool is a floorcare calculator. This is a rather simple though revealing spreadsheet helps visitors determine how much stripper, sealer, or floor finish they will need to complete a floorcare project.

  “This could also be called a ‘savings calculator,’” says Mike Sawchuk, Vice President of Enviro-Solutions and Charlotte Products. “Many end customers purchase more chemical and [floor] finish than they need. This will help them calculate more precisely what is called for.”

  In addition to the calculator, a “Facility Survey/Audit” has been added.

  According to Sawchuk, the Survey/Audit is designed to “identify areas in a building that could potentially impact human health and the environment. This can also serve as a benchmark to distributors and end customers, providing a starting point as they commence their Green journey.”

  Sawchuk adds that the calculator and audit were originally designed specifically for the company’s distributors; however, he encourages end customers to also take advantage of them.

  “We want our [end] customers involved in the maintenance and Greening of their facilities,” he adds. “Then they can make more educated decisions, and our distributors can help them achieve their Green goals.”