ICS Magazine

Establishing the International Trade Association

January 5, 2011

In November 2010, the IICRC announced its intent to create an international trade association as an extension of the current organization. I know there have been a lot of questions, and I wanted to take a moment to dig a little deeper.

Know that the decision to create an international trade association did not come lightly. First, a taskforce was established to investigate if an association was needed and what it would take to establish one. Craig Kersemeier chaired the taskforce, reporting to the Board of Directors. In October 2010 the findings were discussed at length with the Board, who represent the shareholders of the IICRC. The Board approved a motion to create an international trade association to benefit the mutual enrichment and advancement of its members.

Why did we do this? With the increased regulatory environment for the cleaning and restoration industry, an association will provide more flexibility to lead government affairs activities, including increasing member awareness of state and federal legislative activity throughout the United States and facilitating relationships and understanding on behalf of the inspection, cleaning and restoration industry.

The association will have various membership categories and will offer a number of programs and services, such as special interest groups, the IICRC does not currently offer.

The IICRC as you know it will still exist: the organization will continue to be a certification body, creating standards for the organization and approving schools and instructors who provide training for industry professionals. Both organizations will provide professional growth opportunities to registrants and members.

So, what’s next? The taskforce, with input from others and approval from the Board, will begin to determine the governance and basic structure including the mission, vision, budget, membership bases, member services, administration, etc. After the basic elements are in place, the next step will be to increase communication with all elements of the industry, encourage affiliation and participation in industry-related organizations and associations, and create additional partnerships with other industry and related industry participants and contacts.

We encourage you to ask questions and inquire about the international trade association and what it means for you. What types of marketing programs would you like to see? Affiliate memberships? Member discounts? The association is meant to be an additional way for you to advance the overall industry and we hope you’ll be an active participant in something that will benefit everyone.

It’s an exciting time for us all.