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Ethical Services Web site launches controversy

January 15, 2004

In November 2003 Ethical Services, a company described as providing "the fastest and most thorough way to find the top-rated carpet cleaning company in your area," launched EthicalServices.com. Currently focused on the cleaning industry, the Web site is geared to help consumers "looking for an honest and ethical company to clean your carpet, upholstery, air ducts or hard floors" find such a service.

"The mission of the Ethical Services site has been from the beginning a team effort to help educate consumers on choosing the right professional cleaner to come into their home, and to also help cleaners who are willing to publicly commit to and follow a code of ethics to find these consumers," states Ethical Services President Joseph Polish. "This is a referral service, plain and simple, and there is a self-policing mechanism in the structure itself to purge out the cleaners who create unhappy clients."

But while some cleaners may make unhappy clients, EthicalServices.com has created some unhappy cleaners. Since its launch the Web site has had a polarizing effect on the industry. Comments regarding Ethical Services, ranging from "unethical," "self-serving" and "borderline extortion" to "keep up the good work," "a great reference," and "has potential" have appeared on various industry Bulletin Boards, including that of ICS Cleaning Specialist, as well as in other media.

Polish is better known as president of Piranha Marketing Inc., a Tempe, Ariz.-based company directed toward the carpet-cleaning industry.