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First U.S. IICRC Commercial Drying Specialist course in U.S. a big success

January 29, 2010

Sharpsburg, GA - January 25, 2010 - The first IICRC Commercial Drying Specialist Course in the U.S. was held at Reets Drying Academy in Atlanta, GA on January 11-15, 2010.  Students attending this course learned how to manage, document, and handle large water losses in order to expand their knowledge of their industry.

The course covers a multitude of material to help water restorers with the challenges they will face when they move from handling residential losses to commercial.  “Until this point there wasn't a standardized course offered from the IICRC covering the details of large losses from start to finish,” said Jeremy Reets, founder of Reets Drying Academy.

Part of the training course unique to Reets Drying Academy was the hands on portion of the course.  Students spent the day in a large hotel in a water damage simulation creating a drying plan of action.  “The students were blown away by the opportunity to actually be in a facility, put their hands on the blueprints, and build a strategy for drying a multi-story commercial loss,” said Reets.

Scott Mims, an experienced IICRC instructor who also runs a successful restoration company, was the teacher for the 5-day course.  “Basically we teach how to inspect, evaluate, dry, administer and manage large losses. This is not just a course about drying hotels and high rises; it also encompasses commercial, industrial, institutional, and complex residential water damages. Everyone can benefit from this course. No matter how big or small their company is.”

Students from all over North America took advantage of this learning opportunity.   "I highly recommend this course.  I've learned a lot of valuable information I hope to take back to my business and take it to a new level.  Being that this is the first course it has been a very exciting time to be a part of this," said Bernie Lawson, owner of PM Building Maintenance in Richmond, Virginia.  "We decided to come here to this first course.  We hadn't had experience with this level of education before and it's definitely a worthwhile program." said Peter Eckert of Sani-Tech Services in Victoria, British Columbia.  "If anybody is a one or two man operation in water damage and they want to move to the next level this is where you get your information.  I have been in business for 25 years, but what we have learned here has definitely been an eye opener."

Reets Drying Academy is a Premier Water Restoration Education Facility in Georgia.  The Academy holds multiple hands-on courses throughout the year.  The IICRC Commercial Drying Specialist course will be offered again July 26-30, 2010 and regularly after that at Reets Drying Academy in Atlanta, GA. For more information about Reets Drying Academy visit www.reetsdryingacademy.com or call 770-712-7293.