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Florida Governor Vetoes Mold-related Bill

June 27, 2005
Talahassee, FL - June 22 -- Florida Governor Jeb Bush vetoed the bill approved by the Florida legislature to set regulations for home inspectors, mold assessors, and mold remediators. In his veto letter sent to the Secretary of State, Bush said, "I support efforts to protect the public from unscrupulous business practices and I believe providing strict standards for home inspectors, mold assessors, and mold remediators is warranted."

Bush writes that he vetoed HB 315 because of, "unintended consequences, including putting some legitimate and responsible employees out of business." Bush expressed concern for the bill's lack of grandfathering for mold assessors and remediators.

Bush was also critical of what he called ambiguous "educational and examination requirements." He also said the bill's educational prerequisites for assessors and remediators appeared "arbitrary."

Lastly, Bush remarked that the industry may not be able to meet the bill's insurance requirements because the requisite insurance may not be readily available.

Bush's veto letter also included notice that he has directed the state to develop proposed legislation. The Department of Business and Professional Regulation has been directed, "to work with various stakeholders during the interim to develop proposed legislation. I encourage legislators to participate in this process and hope that they will work with the department to find a solution that protects the public while providing a constructive business climate in which legitimate and responsible Florida businesses can compete"