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Former Pacific Floor Care Owner Dies

December 8, 2005
(Muskegon, Mich.) - After a brief illness, Sam Robin, Pacific Floor Care consultant and former owner, died in his home on December 3, 2005. Sam Robin lead Pacific Floor Care as one of the first true floor machine manufacturers to enter the market. As a testament to Sam's remarkable career, in one way or another, he represented Pacific Floor Care for almost 54 years.

Robin started his career as a sanitary supply distributor before acquiring Pacific Floor Machine in 1952, where he saw an opportunity to focus on excellent customer service (product availability, prompt problem resolution, and overall flexibility to customer needs), which he felt had been overlooked by the larger equipment manufacturers.

Under Robin's guidance, Pacific Floor Machine Manufacturing Company grew quickly over the years, in the process establishing several clients, many of whom are still with Pacific Floor Care today.

Robin sold Pacific Floor Machine Manufacturing Company to Larry Hines in 1985. Never one to sit still, Sam continued to work for Pacific as a consultant and representative for Pacific Floor Care. Although Sam "officially" retired in 2003 at age 88, he was still an active Pacific territory manager for Northern California until his death.

Robin had been an active member and exhibitor of International Sanitary Supply Association (ISSA, formerly NSSA) for 51 years. He served on their board of directors for two separate terms in 1964-65 and 1985-86. In addition, became one of ISSA's first Silver Members. Still supporting ISSA and its members at age 90, Sam and his wife, Sylvia, recently represented Pacific Floor Care at their booth at the ISSA 2005 show in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Sam Robin lived a long and extraordinary life, and had many professional accomplishments over the years. However, when Sam was interviewed upon his retirement a few years back, he said his greatest accomplishment has been his marriage to his wife, Sylvia, and their two children, Denise and David.

Sam's easy going and friendly style endeared him to everyone, inside and outside of the sanitary supply industry. Bill Fisher, President of Pacific Floor Care, reminisced, "Sam was an ambassador to the sanitary supply industry. He was a gentleman's gentleman with a deep passion for business. He will be remembered always." Sam will be greatly missed by his family, his multitude of friends over the years and the employees at Pacific Floor Care.

Pacific Floor Care has established an ISSA memorial scholarship in Sam Robin's name. Please contact ISSA at www.issafoundation.org or Pacific Floor Care if you wish to donate funds towards this scholarship.