ICS Magazine

Getting the Green Light

October 7, 2005
"It's not easy being green."
-- Kermit the Frog

No, but it's a lot easier on an amphibian these days than it used to be. It's easier on the cleaning and restoration professional, too.

In what some may say is a long overdue move, ICS Cleaning Specialist magazine, in a collaborative effort with one of our sister publications, Environmental Design + Construction, has put together a special section in this issue focusing on "green" cleaning: what it is, what it means, and what the future holds for the business of cleaning and restoration. The excellent work of ED+C publisher Diana Brown, editor Michelle Hucal and associate editor Amanda Knox cannot be overstated, and we thank them.

It doesn't take too many steps out on the limb to say that when the concept of green cleaning was first introduced years ago, it received something of a lukewarm reception. "What will it do to chemistry?" "Will I need new equipment?" and the ubiquitous "What's this going to do to my bottom line?" were thrown around more than a Broncos' offensive lineman.

That's why a strong effort was made to secure the support of knowledgeable experts for this effort, and we succeeded beyond our wildest imagination. Green Seal, Inc.'s Arthur Weissman and Stephen Ashkin of The Ashkin Group give an honest assessment of the state of green cleaning and how it will affect the industry in "Green Cleaning and the Cleaning Professional." ICS columnist Jeff Bishop weighs in with "What Does ‘Cleaning Green' Mean?" while U.S. Products' Steve Williams looks at "Healthy Carpets: It All Comes Down to Proper Care," and Mike Sawchuk offers some hints on "Selecting Environmentally Preferable Floor Care Products." All in all, that's a pretty good cross-section of individuals to address this particular topic.