ICS Magazine

Going for the Gold

August 17, 2008
The Olympics and the industry give ICS publisher Evan Kessler a reason to stand up and cheer.

Watching the summer Olympics makes me realize that it is possible to put aside differences of opinion, political and theological agendas, etc., if only every four years and for only two weeks, to bring the countries of the world together.

  It is a beautiful and spectacular celebration of nations that transcends the sports and athleticism that is demonstrated by the contestants.

  Likewise, the ICS bulletin board is a worldwide gathering of people who share a common profession but often with dissimilar opinions, ideas and indeed agendas that can create animus and struggles but regardless of differences, respect should always prevail and the positive similarities shared by professionals in this field should outweigh the negative.

  I personally watch and come away with the feeling that if the nations of the world can do this, then surely an industry can as well.