ICS Magazine

Goodbye Arpi. Hello Bob. Welcome Change.

August 9, 2001
Editorial changes at ICS

Arpi Nalbandian is leaving ICS to pursue some personal goals and a new business venture. We thank her and wish her luck.

Change is an important part of every business. To quote my dear friend and mentor Ralph Bloss, "Change is inevitable ... success is an option."

How your business changes and how you manage this change is up to you. Many things, perhaps most, are out of our control. They affect changes in your life and the life of your business daily. With proper planning and systems in place, these changes, subtle or major, need not alter your course for success.

In the pages of ICS we strive to continually provide successful strategies, training and marketing information from the best in our industry to help you manage the changes that affect your business.

Arpi served as the editor of ICS since Howard Olansky handed off this highly visible position in 1997. What she learned under Howard's tutelage enhanced ICS's reputation for providing superior information to the professional carpet cleaning, floor care and restoration industry. As she moves on, we are fortunate to find a dedicated professional to guard this reputation and continue forging ahead.

Enter Robert Lindsay.

Bob brings ICS Cleaning Specialist magazine more than two years of experience in the cleaning/restoration industry, as well as many years of experience as a journalist, writer and editor. We are confident that as ICS changes, we will remain consistent in our mission: To provide superior information to help you succeed in business.

Please welcome Bob Lindsay to ICS Cleaning Specialist. Bob is dynamic, inquisitive and anxious to hear ways to better serve you, our readers. You can reach him at lindsayr@nycap.rr.com.