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Google Adwords: Tips Every Carpet Cleaner Should Know

June 19, 2008
Google Adwords can be one of the best returns for your advertising dollar. Or it could be a huge waste of money. It’s all in how you use it. The ad space is so tiny that every single letter counts. 

Google Adwords can be one of the best returns for your advertising dollar. Or it could be a huge waste of money. It’s all in how you use it. The ad space is so tiny that every single letter counts.

What do you use for a headline?  The headline is the most important component of any ad. So lots of thought should go into your headline. But I’m going to let you in on a little secret with Google Adwords headlines. Sometimes the best headlines are staring you in the face.

First, it’s important to remember what someone is looking for when doing a search in Google. They’re looking for exactly what they typed in the search box.

For instance, if they entered “Carpet Cleaning Atlanta,” the most interesting headline to them would be something to do with “Carpet Cleaning Atlanta.”  How many times have you done a search only to get results that were far from what you were looking for?

So in many instances, you may want to simply use “Carpet Cleaning (Your City)” or “(Your City) Carpet Cleaning” as your headline.

You can advertise in several different keywords. I suggest you change the headline to fit each keyword you’re advertising. If you’re advertising for the keyword “Carpet Cleaning Miami”, use that phrase for your headline in that search. Then do another ad for “Carpet Cleaner Miami” and use that exact phrase for the headline in that ad. It’s important to mention this, because Adwords doesn’t make it readily evident that you can do this.

Do a search for your city and the words carpet cleaning. Like this:  “(Your City) Carpet Cleaning.”  What are the headlines in the Adwords ads?  The purpose of your headline is to attract the attention of your target market. If most of the ads in your area have “(Your City) Carpet Cleaning” in the headline, you may consider a variation. For instance, use the headline “Miami Cleaning Scams XXX,” “100% Miami Guarantee,” or “Carpet Cleaning Miami Now.”

If you’re using a different headline, make sure you test to see how many clicks you’re getting and if your headline is converting web surfers into actual clients. After all, what you’re really after is getting in their home. You can check to see how well your site it doing by using Google Analytics and Google Webmaster tools.

The first line of your ad should give a big benefit to the prospect. Tell them a benefit that isn’t already in another ad. For example, “Carpet Cleaning At Your Convenience.”

The second line, give the feature or what you will do for them. For instance, “Appointments Available TODAY.”

Capitalize the first letter of every word, but use all-caps minimally. Too many caps will get you an e-mail from the friendly folks at Google.  And if you repeat the violation, they cancel your account or charge a higher price for clicks.

But the biggest way Adwords can bite you is when your budget isn’t set or is set too high. Set your budget low ($5-$10 per day is good) when you’re first learning the system. In some small to medium cities, you may not ever want to set your budget over $10 per day. If you’re not careful with your account, you could get a $500 bill from Google only to find you never gained any new clients.

Remember, you’re paying for clicks. And clicks don’t translate into business unless they’re coming from the right prospects. One hundred fifty seven clicks from people in Springfield, Ill., won’t gain you any business if your company is in Springfield, Mo. Test it small.

You’ll want to look at your account every day to see how it’s performing. And if the ability to check your ad performance isn’t motivation enough, it’s rumored Google gives discounts on clicks if you check your account often.

There are other great tools that can help. And best of all, they’re free. Sign up for Google Analytics and Google Webmaster tools at Google’s home page. These free tools give huge insight into where your traffic is coming from.

Now you’ve got a basic understanding of Google Adwords. Put it to use.