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Grandi-Groom Celebrates 37th Anniversary

January 19, 2009

Since Bernie Erickson made the very first Grand-Groom in 1972, professional carpet cleaning contractors and maintenance personnel responsible for carpet cleaning have used the Grandi-Groom virtually every day. Thousands of cleaning professionals can testify to the effectiveness and importance of grooming and brushing with the Grandi-Groom.

 The Grandi-Groom will “make your favorite preconditioner more effective, assist in the proper distribution of any post cleaning protector applications, open and lift crushed yarn and simultaneously loosen and lift deeply embedded soil particles for efficient extraction and cleaning, release trapped gases from dissolved soils, loosen and lift surface embedded pet hair, promote drying by untangling tufts, eliminate or reduce the appearance of matting and crushing, and leave the surface of the carpet perfectly groomed to maximize the appearance for your customer,” the company said.

Grooming a carpet before and after cleaning will assist in cleaning faster, drying faster, and maximizing appearance for your valued customer. Not only that, the IICRC Carpet Cleaning Standard S100 recognizes grooming as an essential part of the carpet cleaning process.

The Grandi-Groom is available from virtually every carpet cleaning supply distributor in the United States and around the world, or by going to www.groomindustries.com.