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Green Seal extends shareholder deadline

September 15, 2005
Green Seal, Inc. has begun development of an environmental standard for cleaning services involving stakeholder input that will provide a basis for specifying environmentally responsible cleaning services and also for Green Seal to certify such cleaning services.

Because Green Seal has learned that not all potential stakeholders were aware of either the initial call for stakeholders or the subsequent deadline, Green Seal is hereby extending the period for stakeholders to be identified until Friday, September 30, 2005.

As part of its open and transparent process for developing standards, Green Seal involves all interested stakeholders - parties with an interest in the subject areas covered by its standards - in developing the standards.

Any party interested in participating in the development of the cleaning service standard who has not previously done so should contact Green Seal at greenseal@greenseal.org or at (202) 872-6400.