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Grips High Traction Footwear from Jordan David

February 2, 2001
Jordan David’s Grips High Traction Footwear is designed to provide superior slip resistance in virtually all-slick areas while being safe to wear in normal and clean situations. Grips fit over work shoes and boots, and are impregnated with a sand paper-like grit. The grit bottom soles are designed to be safe to wear both indoors as well as while driving, reducing the need to take the product off throughout the day. Grips soles feature the company’s patented Angle Tread design. Each pair of Grips comes with a training manual and upon request Jordan David provides free of charge, a Grips Video Training Program. Available in a variety of styles ranging from a low cut storm rubber to a 17" boot, Grips are sized from XS-XXXL and are available in both yellow and black.