ICS Magazine

Ground Hogs, Valentines and More

February 6, 2003
February is one of those odd, overlooked months that seem to take on a space-saving role, helping to support the calendar year while the more glamorous months primp and prep for their entrance.

That’s unfair, untrue and downright un-American. February has its own claims to fame: It’s short. It’s patriotic (Lincoln’s birthday, Washington’s Birthday and President’s Day. Take that, Fourth of July!). You like quirks? Try this on: February is the only month in which we celebrate an oversized squirrel and a martyred saint within two weeks of each other.

ICS Cleaning Specialist’s February issue contains much of what you’d expect, and some of what you wouldn’t. Regular columnists Steve Toburen, Bob Wittkamp, Joe Domin, Armand Taddeo, Tom Hill and Lee Zimmerman all make an appearance. Long-time contributor Bob Merkt returns after an extended absence. Combined with the latest association news, industry updates and tools and equipment, February sounds like it’s on pretty solid ground.

But wait, there’s more. Due to a few unforeseen production difficulties (the technical phrase for “oops”), some segments of the Website Locater that appeared in December 2002 did not come through as clear as we expected (read: blank). Therefore, we decided to re-run the section in its entirety, along with a few new additions. The locater is a terrific reference guide for those Internet-savvy individuals looking for industry information.

The highlight of the issue, however, is the inaugural ICS Carpet-Cleaning Chemical Market Study. This is the magazine’s first foray into the world of research sampling, and it turned out rather well, if I may say so. The study put 20-plus questions dealing with the purchase and use of carpet-cleaning chemicals to 1,000 professional carpet cleaners and restoration specialists. The results may surprise you.

That’s it. Short and to the point, just like February. Tune in next month when we address Spring Break, St. Patrick’s Day, skinny skiing and all the other wonderful benefits that March has to offer.