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Hard Surface Specialists Fill A Niche

February 25, 2009

SOUTH HOLLAND, IL – February 24, 2009 -- When Jeff White discovered a market that no one else was serving in 1997 he decided to open a business that would fill that niche. White began by offering carpeting cleaning and cleaning decks and fences but then saw a need for a customer service oriented floor refinishing business.

White said the majority of people they service have had their floors installed by either a flooring store or a builder. Because most fail to realize the importance of long term protective sealants, homeowners have become frustrated without many options to salvage their once beautiful floors.

Great White Hard Surface Specialists refinishes hardwood floors without sanding, a very unique service. “We tell them no dust, no mess, done in one day or less. We offer a completely different approach. Normal wood refinishing takes four to five days. With our service you can walk on it that evening,” White said.

They continue to clean carpeting and upholstery, but do it differently than others. “We use all non-soap products that are green, (good for the environment) and leave no residue. It is the only product you could drink and not get sick, and it is used in the White House, on the Statue of Liberty and in hospitals. I am the only one around using it. I searched and found better ways because my kids both have asthma,” he said.

Great White also cleans and seals ceramic tile, porcelain and grout. White said this is a major portion of their business because they are one of the only ones around who are doing it. They offer what is called a color seal, lifetime protection so your floor never stains and is easy to clean.

“We don’t install anything, we just refinish and make things better. My goal is to make the homeowner’s life easier and get them off their hands and knees,” White said.

They also refinish natural stone on counter tops and floors. “We found a niche and are trying to fill it,” White said.

He stands behind everything they do with a 100 percent customer guarantee. It is a customer-service oriented family business. His wife Shari takes the calls and son, Ryan works with him on the truck. He services customers from Naperville to Michigan City.

The former Lansing resident has been self employed for 20 years. Previously he owned three car washes. “I always kind of led the way, and when you lead the way you have to educate,” he said.

They try to use as many green products as they can. “Our carpet cleaning is always green because we found the perfect product,” White said.

In the future he would like to add another truck so he can service his clients a little faster.