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Hillyard launches Trilogy floor care system

June 19, 2001
Hillyard Trilogy is a threefold floor finish system approach to resilient floor care by focusing on the cleaning procedures, cleaning frequency, and the equipment utilized in your operation, the company says.

System I includes Top Shape and Explorer. Top Shape, an 18% solids finish formulated to provide a high gloss, is detergent resistant, applies and levels easily, and is spray buffable. Explorer is a 22% solids finish that is spray buffable, resists scratching and scuffing, and is detergent resistant.

System II includes Endeavour and North Star. Endeavour is an 18% high gloss finish formulated with high-tech polymers. North Star, a 22% finish, has been formulated to reduce labor by providing faster film build with fewer coats, the company says.

Finally, System III includes Resilience, which is formulated to withstand repeat cleanings and ultra high-speed burnishings. Recommended for retail stores, supermarkets, and more.