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Hoover adds to model line

February 1, 2002
New vacs unveiled

The Hoover Co. has added three new models to its line of commercial upright vacuums. The new vacuums are black with orange highlights and aimed at cost-conscious buyers.

Model C1404, the lightest commercial upright made by Hoover, comes with a two-brush agitator, automatic carpet height adjustment and a soft bag with two-stage filtration. This model includes a 31-foot SJT cord.

Model C1412-900 features an on-board tool and hose for above-floor cleaning, a four-level carpet-height adjustment capability, a protective furniture guard, and a 35-foot SJT cord.

Model C1414-900 has a hard bag body and comes with a side-mounted hose. The new models have a one-year full commercial warranty.