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How to Write a Profitable Google Adwords Ad

July 1, 2009

As the Internet grows in influence, more cleaning companies are investing advertising dollars there.

Google, the world’s largest search engine, accounts for slightly more than 50% of all searches made on the net. So when most people think of online searches, they think of Google.

But what is “Adwords?”

Adwords is a per-per-click program for Google searches. You can quickly and easily get your site to show up in Google in a very prominent location. And you only pay when you get traffic to your website.

But there are a few tricks to getting the most from this pay-per-click scenario.

First, always remember you are paying for each click. You are not interested in getting lots of clicks. You are interested in getting the clicks that are more likely to turn into clients.

A huge mistake many cleaners make is targeting the keyword “carpet cleaning.” Targeting this phrase can get you lots of traffic, but not much traffic from people looking for cleaning in your city.

It’s usually best to include your city name with the words “carpet cleaning.” As well, it may be best to target only your local geographic area until you are more experienced at setting your campaign.

Set a low daily budget at first. This will keep you from wasting money. When you know your campaign is profitable, increase the budget allotment.

What type of ad copy should you use?
Say something different from your competition. And remember to give a benefit. Consider using a headline that boasts about your guarantee.

Something like, “No Spots Return Guarantee” makes a great promise, offers a benefit, and stands out from the competition.

Use a headline that furthers the main sales message on your website.

Let’s take an example:
  1. Your headline says: “100% Pet Odor Removal.”
  2. The second line states: “Odors removed at the source-no perfume”
  3. The third line calls to action: “Get a FREE odor removal estimate here >>”
  4. The link goes directly to your website, which includes lots of information about what you do for pet odor removal.
  5. There’s a easy-to-find form for them to fill out to get an in-home or online estimate.
See how it all works in sequential order? See how this ad specifically targets pet owners?

What if your ad was exactly as above, but your website didn’t give much information about pet odor removal? Or what if you didn’t have a clear call to action for the free odor removal estimate? You’d get many clicks from pet owners, but the clicks wouldn’t turn into clients.

As with all advertising, make sure it’s in harmony. When you mention a benefit in your pay-per-click ad, make sure it carries over to your website.

And make sure your website has a solid sales strategy. If your site doesn’t have a clear call to action listing the benefit your customer will receive, save your money and invest it in improving your site.

Adwords can bring you easy traffic. Following these tips will help make sure your ad brings you the kind of traffic you want.