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HydraMaster Launches New Website

December 16, 2010

Mukilteo, WA - December 15, 2010 - HydraMaster North America, one of the most respected manufacturers of truckmounts and related carpet cleaning equipment in the industry, has just launched its new website at www.hydramaster.com.

The site, which has been under development for most of 2010, is designed to do more than just present the company's products, according to Nick Wiebe, marketing manager for HydraMaster.

"Our goal was to help our visitors better understand truckmount systems and select the best machine to meet their needs."

Wiebe says this was accomplished by developing a "truckmount selector" module that asks visitors a series of questions such as:
  • What are your main uses for the machine?
  • Will you use the machine more in residential or commercial settings?
  • Which do you value most, price or performance?
"As the visitor answers these questions, the system narrows down the product selection," he says. "Eventually, just a few truckmounts are presented and a 'compare' option provides the visitor with a side-by-side comparison on each machine."

Along with the truckmount selector, the new site includes the following:
  • A Knowledge Center that provides technical articles related to carpet cleaning, cleaning guides, and an events calendar along with "Truckmounts 101," which offers a basic understanding of the types of truckmount systems available, their features, and the benefits of each.
  • How to Buy, which provides a distributor locator, information on used carpet cleaning equipment, and information on financing.
  • An extensive selection of product service videos. "A picture may say a thousand words, but videos say a million words," says Wiebe. "Our videos provide visitors with quick visual references to many standard maintenance procedures so they can easily maintain their investment."
According to Wiebe, because the company rethought their online goals, the new site is none other than an "extreme makeover" of the company's earlier sites.

"We did not want an online brochure. Instead, we wanted a site that answers questions, helps visitors make educated decisions, supports our existing customers, and most importantly, is easy to use and navigate," he says. "Finding information quickly and easily was very important to us."