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ICS April Must See! Product Gallery

April 5, 2010

The ICS Must See Products Gallery provides a glimpse at the latest products and technological innovations entering the market today. Click on the links provided and learn more about the equipment and accessories that will help you take your business to the next level!

Thornell Corporation

Odorcide® 210 Concentrate from Thornell Corporation eliminates odors caused by pet urine, decaying matter, mold and mildew, tomcat spray and others. Odorcide® works instantly with no dwell-time, can be mixed with detergents and disinfectants and is safe on any surface. Dilution rates as high as 256:1.

For a free sample call us at 888-873-3442 or visit our web site atwww.odorcide.com.

Butler Corporation

The Butler Corporation is pleased to present, in full color, its 90-page Butler System brochure and its 70-page Professional Supplies Catalog, showcasing the equipment and supplies preferred by thousands in the cleaning and restoration industry.

Please call a Butler Customer Sales Representative for a free comprehensive information package at 800.535.5025 or visit us on-line at www.butlersystem.com.

OmniPro Restoration Products

OmniPro, the newest name in advanced restoration equipment is pleased to introduce the OmniDry 2.9amp GFCI Air Mover for the lowest amps with the highest airflow. The 3 speed OmniDry 2.9 delivers 3825 FPM at 2.9 amps or 3250 FPM at 1.8 amps on low (eight air movers daisy chained on one 15 amp outlet). It is designed for directional airflow from almost any angle. Standard features include two daisy-chain GFCI outlets, a 25’ power cord, and a built-in cord wrap.

For more information, please go to www.interlinksupply.com .