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ICS August Must See Product Gallery

August 4, 2010

The ICS Must See Products Gallery provides a glimpse at the latest products and technological innovations entering the market today. Click on the links provided and learn more about the equipment and accessories that will help you take your business to the next level!


What will a GPS Tracking System do for your business?
  • Effectively& efficiently monitor and track your mobile work force
  • Keep track of your vehicles
  • Give you a 90 day history report
  • Reduce fuel expenses
  • Reduce overtime expenses
  • Eliminate employee misuse
  • Increase response time
  • Automatic time sheet features
All this for $29.95 per month, per vehicle! www.gpsnvision.com

The Butler System

Standard Equipment Features

The Butler System is outfitted with an extensive list of standard features that distinguishes it as the most thoroughly equipped, versatile carpet, fabric, hard surface and restoration cleaning machine in the industry. Each feature is strategically located to enhance cargo area spaciousness, leaving ample room to accommodate equipment and supplies. The Butler System is $22,995. Installation included. For a free comprehensive information package call 800.535.5025 or visit us on-line at www.butlersystem.com.


Keep Your Vacuum Hoses from Coming Apart with the Innovative Lock and Swivel Design of New Flash Cuffs™

The new Flash Cuff locking vacuum hose cuff takes durability and innovation to the next level! Rugged construction and unique design ensure that twisted hoses and cuff replacements are a thing of the past. What is even better is that the Flash Cuff both swivels and locks – there is no need to choose one feature over another. For more information, log onto www.hydroforce.com