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ICS January Must See! Products Gallery

January 8, 2010

The ICS Must See Products Gallery provides a glimpse at the latest products and technological innovations entering the market today. Click on the links provided and learn more about the equipment and accessories that will help you take your business to the next level!

Judson Labs & Truckmount Direct

Judson Labs & Truckmount Direct have been building the most reliable Truckmounts longer than anyone else in the business. That’s right.... We invented the Truckmount. Now we’re reinventing the way you use it.

Check out our Line Of Super Concentrated Chemicals:
  • The O2 System -Worlds most versatile chemical line
  • Snake Oil Deodorizing Encapsulant Shampoo
  • DD12 & Quat-A-Lot Deodorizers
Now available at our Website: www.TruckmountDirect.com

East Coast: 864-233-6442
West Coast: 925-452-7282

Rotovac Corporation

Rotovac CFX - Continuous Flow Extractor

The CFX is the same overall size as a traditional 12 gallon extractor. The BIG difference is the extra large 27 gallon solution tank. This is made possible due to the compact design of the motor housing and recovery tank. With its 27 gallon tank and automatic pump out system, the CFX can clean non-stop for more than twice as long as a traditional 12 gallon extractor. See a video of the CFX in action at www.rotovac.com.

Butler Corporation

The Butler Extended 10-Year Warranty

The Butler Corporation’s commitment to quality is emphasized with our exclusive 10-year warranty. This “Warranty For New Butler Systems”, is provided at no additional cost, with no limitation on machine hours and may be transferred at no charge. The extended 10-year coverage includes all major components. Please call a Butler Customer Sales Representative for a free comprehensive information package at 800.535.5025 or visit us on-line at www.butlersystem.com

Rotovac Corporation

Rotovac Introduces New and Improved 360i Carpet and Tile Cleaning Machine

If you are looking for the best “State of the Art” technology in carpet and tile cleaning, you should take a look at the new 360i. This one machine has interchangeable heads to clean both carpet and tile. Cleaning better with less effort is what the new 360i is all about.

For more information please go to www.rotovac.com.

E-TES Smart Dry

E-TES Is Not Only FAST, Now It Is SMART!
E-TES Smart Dry (SD) Defines The Next Generation of Intelligent Drying Technology!

All of these features come standard on the NEW E-TES Smart Dry (SD):
  • Micro-processor
  • LED Display
  • Built-in Hour Meter
  • Real Time Clock
  • Humidity Sensor
  • Temperature Sensor
  • Dual Circuit Indicator (120v)
  • Moisture Content Sensor
  • Air Temperature Sensor
  • Remote Exhaust Fan Control
  • Data Logger
  • E-TES Charting Software
For more information go to www.tesdryingsystem.com