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ICS March Vehicle of the Month

March 8, 2005
ICS March Vehicle of the Month

Name: David and Stacy Gruttadaurio
Company Name: United Building Services, Inc.
Address: P.O. Box 911
City: Vincennes
State: IN
ZIP: 47591
Phone: (812) 385-5800
E-Mail: David@MyCleanCarpet.net
Vehicle Make/Model/Year: 2000 Isuzu NPR

Equipment (truckmounts, portables, chemicals, etc):
My company has cleaned commercial buildings for 30 years. When we decided to expand into the residential carpet cleaning market, we knew using portable extractors wasn't going to work. My biggest fear was going into someone's home and not being able to get their carpet clean enough to satisfy them.

Although I knew nothing about truckmounts, I did know this: I wanted the best equipment available to meet our needs, and a company that would provide the support to back me up. I wanted extreme power that would set us apart from everyone else, a truck-mounted machine capable of producing jaw-dropping results.

I searched for over six months and finally chose the Genesis 59 nXT from PowerClean Industries.

What makes your vehicle stand out from the competition?
We specifically designed our vehicle for "curb appeal." We wanted it to be practical and efficient, of course. But we also wanted it to make an impressive visual impact on our clients.

Our company slogan is: The Power of Professional Cleaning. We purchased the largest, most-powerful truckmount from PowerClean Industries: The Genesis 59 nXT driven by a fuel-injected 49 HP 4-cylinder engine. This machine is a beast!

It COULD fit in a conventional van, but to complete the "image" of our company, we went for the big look of a box truck. However, the box height is only 6 feet, as opposed to the standard 8-foot height. Our reasoning was to project "big and powerful" without appearing overwhelming in a residential neighborhood.

All of this, plus providing superior results and premium service, is what separates us from our competitors.