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IEHA and WoolSafe Begin Educational Partnership

October 14, 2010

WESTERVILLE, OH - October 14, 2010. The International Executive Housekeepers Association (IEHA) and WoolSafe® North America have announced an educational partnership to provide IEHA members with advanced training in the care of wool carpet and furnishings.

The IEHA Board of Directors recently approved the WoolSafe Fabric Care Specialist online training course to provide IEHA members with education in the cleaning and maintenance of wool, and ultimately recognition as WoolSafe Fabric Care Specialists.

Wool is growing in popularity as a floor covering and upholstery material in hotels and other upscale facilities because of its durable, soft and resilient natural fibers, resistance to matting, crushing and soil-adherence, and the bonus that it keeps its original appearance for years longer than synthetic fibers. It’s also a green and renewable resource for more sustainable environments.

However, proper care is essential to wool’s longevity. Use of the wrong cleaning methods or products can cause unsightly damage and shorten its useful life.

“This initiative enables us to take our IEHA Professional Education Credentialing Program (PECP) curriculum to an even higher level by providing advanced training in the care of wool textiles,” says Beth Risinger, CEO and Executive Director of IEHA. “Offering our members professional credentialing as WoolSafe Fabric Care Specialists gives them an additional way to showcase their expertise while ensuring the highest standard of care for wool in the upscale hospitality and executive environments they service.”

The WoolSafe program has been available in Great Britain and a handful of other countries as an in-person classroom training course. The new online training program makes it readily accessible in North America and around the world.

The course offers instruction in proper cleaning methods specific to wool or wool-rich carpets, rugs, and upholstery. Topics covered include:
  • The history and characteristics of wool
  • Wool fiber structure, cleanability, limitations
  • How to thoroughly and properly clean wool carpet and upholstery
  • Solving spot removal and other cleaning challenges
  • Avoiding potentially damaging cleaning chemicals and methods
Upon successful completion of the course, the IEHA participant earns the WoolSafe Fabric Care Specialist designation. The training and accompanying designation will be offered at a special discount to IEHA members.