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IICRC joins CRI, updates cleaning standards

May 2, 2001
The IICRC has joined the Carpet and Rug Institute (CRI), and will become a part of the CRI referral network, which will create an additional channel of referral for certified firms and technicians.

IICRC Certification Board Chair Jeff Bishop says, “The IICRC is very pleased about the recent membership in CRI. It will allow for the development of a synergistic relationship between the two organizations. Ultimately, this membership will benefit consumers seeking information on professional carpet technicians.”

Additionally, the IICRC’s Carpet Cleaning Standard S-001 will soon include commercial standards. The addition will create a more comprehensive guideline by addressing the maintenance issues specific to commercial carpet in high traffic areas. Previously, the standard only included residential guidelines.

The new version will incorporate recent research and timely issues into the document, including new information on vacuuming, cleaning and indoor air quality, updated cleaning techniques, and more.