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IICRC Launches Apprentice/Basic Skills Training Programs

March 21, 2006
VANCOUVER, Wash.--March 20, 2006-- The Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC) announced the launch of the Apprentice/Basic Skills Training Program at the semi-annual Certification Council meeting in Vancouver, Wash. on March 18, according to Apprentice/Basic Skills Division Chair Dane Gregory.

Apprentice/Basic Skills Training programs were created to supplement current IICRC Certification Programs. The programs are designed to educate new or existing employees who have had no formal training in the cleaning industry. New programs that were approved by the IICRC board of directors are Apprentice/Basic Skill Carpet Cleaning Training, Apprentice/Basic Skills Commercial Carpet Cleaning, Apprentice/Basic Skills Upholstery Cleaning, Apprentice/Basic Skills Floor Care, and Apprentice/Basic Skills Ceramic Tile, Stone and Masonry Cleaning.

All programs will be available in either a classroom lecture format, or via distance learning in several different e-formats including: CD/ROM, DVD, video tape, and online programming in the near future. IICRC President Carey Vermeulen stated, "This is one of the most exciting programs to come from our board of directors in many years, because not only do we have a basic skills program, but it is the first real training from IICRC that has a distance learning option."

Newly applying schools will now begin to build programs in each of the approved training disciplines and submit programs for approval by the Apprentice/Basic Skills Division in conjunction with the Instructors and Schools Committee and IICRC-Approved Apprentice/Basic Skills policies. Applications and copies of approval policies are available at IICRC headquarters. After approval by the IICRC board of directors at a semi-annual meeting, program developers will present programs in either a live or distance-learning option at numerous events in the cleaning industry. It is anticipated that many professionals will apply to be "Approved Presenters" from different areas of the cleaning industry, including: product manufacturing representatives, distributor sales persons, facility trainers and executive housekeepers.

The Apprentice/Basic Skills division anticipates that programs will be very popular with facility executives, school districts, the hotel and hospitality industry, and the building service contractor industry. Also benefiting from the Apprentice/Basic Skills program will be on-location cleaning professionals who need a basic skills training program for new employees and office personnel.