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IICRC Network Experiences Unprecedented Growth

October 16, 2007

Vancouver, Wash. – October 1, 2007 – The number of IICRC Certified Firms has reached a previously unsurpassed Certified Firm registration count of 5,115. The highest number of Certified Firms prior to 2007 was 5,032 in 1999.

Several years ago, the IICRC stepped up requirements for cleaning and restoration companies to maintain Certified Firm status, taking it to the next level by adding specific requirements and verifications that the company must provide to IICRC headquarters each year.

“This required a stronger commitment by registrants,” said Ruth Travis, IICRC Chairman. “We intended for IICRC Certification to be a symbol of quality, and as a result the value and credibility that comes with Certified Firm status is much greater than ever before.”

With these improvements, more and more companies have committed to maintaining the highest standard in an increasingly competitive field.

In preparation for the new Shaw Industries warranty maintenance policy that goes into effect January 1, 2008, IICRC leadership and staff have worked diligently to promote the importance of becoming a Certified Firm. Some Shaw warranties will mandate the use of only those firms certified by the IICRC to service residential carpet manufactured by Shaw.

In addition to the Shaw warranty, the IICRC provides a number of resources to help drive business to Certified Firms. The organization’s referral network includes a 1-800 referral line and a listing on the consumer Web site, www.CertifiedCleaners.org.

Only Certified Firms are allowed to display the IICRC logo and certification mark, a symbol of quality recognized around the world. The IICRC symbol is the consumer's assurance that a firm has chosen to provide trained, qualified professionals who will operate with honesty and integrity.

To help market themselves to potential customers, the Certified Firms are provided with uniform patches, consumer brochures, customizable press release templates, newspaper articles and vehicle decals.