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IICRC responds to America’s frigid temperatures

March 10, 2003
The Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certi-fication responded to the recent extreme cold weather that has struck many areas of the country by issuing up-to-the-minute, credible guidelines on restoration of water damage caused by broken water pipes.

“Working with our PR firm in Atlanta, we’ve developed a rapid response process to get the word out to consumers, through local television and daily newspapers, about the benefits of using IICRC-certified firms,” said Ruth Travis, chairman of the IICRC Marketing Committee. “When water damage from weather-related conditions occurs, IICRC-certified firms in the area are contacted to assess their willingness and availability to participate in a media interview. Then we pitch the story to the media.”

The IICRC is a certification registry that develops and monitors educational programs and standards for the inspection, cleaning and restoration industry.