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IICRC Responds to America's Frigid Temperatures

February 6, 2003
VANCOUVER, WA - January 2003-- When recent extreme cold weather struck many areas of the nation, the Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certification responded as the authority on the subject of pulling the pieces back together for home and business owners. With the aid of local television, radio and newspapers, the IICRC provided up-to-the-minute, credible guidelines on water damage restoration caused by broken water pipes.

Beginning with the Southern states, the Institute took immediate action. The media were notified that the Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC) had prepared updated water restoration guidelines for homeowners, and that the Institute also had a network of IICRC-Certified professionals available for interviews to get the right information to victims. Similar efforts were made in all other affected states to provide water damage advice as the situation needed.

"Working with our PR firm in Atlanta, we've developed a rapid response process to get the word out to consumers, through local television and daily newspapers, about the benefits of using IICRC-Certified Firms," explained Ruth Travis, Chairman of the IICRC Marketing Committee. "When water damage from weather related conditions occurs, IICRC-Certified Firms in the area are contacted to assess their willingness and availability to participate in a media interview. Then we pitch the story to the media. Positive results so far indicate the process will be a big success, and victims of natural disasters can get their homes and lives back in order sooner."

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