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In Their Own Words: What 3M Wants You to Know About Carpet Protectors

February 4, 2005

There has been a lot of information - and misinformation - surfacing in recent years about the development, formulation, and safety of carpet protectors. To help professional cleaners address the concerns of their clients - as well helping them alleviate any of their own concerns - 3M, the maker of Scotchgard, agreed to provide ICS Cleaning Specialist with some "straight talk" on their products.

ICS: Are the Scotchgard-brand carpet protector products the professional cleaner uses safe for his clients, their children and their pets?
Chuck Hill: Yes. 3M performs a battery of standard animal and human health and safety studies, including a 200-person human skin-patch study, to show Scotchgard-brand products are safe for their intended use.

ICS: What about the professional cleaner? Is Scotchgard carpet protector safe for him to apply several times daily, six days a week?
CH: Yes. Scotchgard products are safe for use by professional cleaners. Professional cleaners should follow the recommended procedures for the use and handling of Scotchgard products.

ICS: What should the professional cleaner tell his clients when they ask whether Scotchgard carpet protector is safe?
CH: Scotchgard products have been thoroughly tested by 3M and are safe for their intended use as carpet protectors. If they have any additional questions, they can call the 3M Product Information Line at (800) 364-3577.

ICS: Is 3M committed to staying in the carpet protector market for the long term?
CH: Yes. 3M intends to be a supplier of Scotchgard carpet products for the foreseeable future. 3M has committed significant resources to improve and introduce new sustainable Scotchgard products over the last five years, which reiterates the commitment to this product line.

ICS: What is 3M doing about the issue of PFOA? Does Scotchgard contain PFOA?
CH: 3M phased out of the manufacture of PFOA in 2000 at the same time it phased out of the PFOS-based Scotchgard products. 3M has introduced new Scotchgard products since 2000 that do not use, contain, or degrade to PFOA or PFOS.

3M has performed extensive studies on both PFOA and PFOS, and has made these studies public through the United States Environmental Protection Agency. 3M continues to work with the EPA on any questions or issues surrounding PFOA, as we manufactured PFOA for DuPont and other companies for many years.