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Interface Snags EPA Climate Award

April 20, 2004
ATLANTA, Ga., April 20, 2004 - Interface, Inc. has been honored with an U.S. EPA Climate Protection Award for its progress in reducing ozone depleting and heat-trapping gas emissions. Mike Bertolucci, Ph.D., president of Interface Research Corporation, was on hand to accept the award.

As of 2003, Interface had reduced its global carbon dioxide emissions by 46% from 1996 levels, through programs such as Cool Carpet, Trees for Travel, Clean Co2mmute and the Interface Cool Fuel program.

"Reducing our greenhouse gas footprint is a key initiative for all associates at Interface," said Bertolucci, "from offsetting the emissions associated with our air travel, to changing the ways we produce our products, to offsetting our individual automobile commutes."

Interface Flooring Systems' landfill methane gas project was also included in the nomination due to the positive impact that it will have on offsetting greenhouse gas emissions for the company as a whole.