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Interlink Supply holds 2011 Distributor Conference

December 13, 2011

Salt Lake City was the site of this year’s Interlink Supply Business meeting.  The meeting drew affiliate attendees from all over the country. The meeting was shortened from its normal format to allow for more time at home for the affiliates to tend to business which is reported by most to be making a recovery. The subjects of discussion at the meeting included a batch of new products, improved products and sales aids to help move these products into the marketplace. Among the topics covered were, improvements to directed heat drying and documentation using e-TES, leather cleaning, tile cleaning with the newly introduced SX-15, and many other new products. 

Partnerships were announced to further the education and business development of the professional cleaner in all categories. Larry Cooper, the owner of Professional Cleaning and Restoration Network (PCRN) was in attendance to announce his partnership with Bridgepoint Systems in educating cleaning companies in the art of commercial cleaning. David Yorke of Soft Serve, a new scheduling and management software announced his partnership with Bridgepoint and Interlink Supply to provide the finest software of its type to the professional cleaner. Finally, Mr. Charles Rollins, the director of Product Care for Shaw Industries addressed the Interlink Affiliates on the need and recommended methods of commercial carpet maintenance. 

At the Advisory Board Luncheon, awards were given to the following affiliates for outstanding performance: Able Service & Supply, Barker-Hammer, Great Lakes Steamway, Cleanserv, Advantage Marketing, Cleaning & Restoration Supply, Carpet Cleaner's Emporium and Express Distributing.