ICS Magazine

Interlink Supply Holds Annual Conference

June 20, 2007

Salt Lake City, UT -- Interlink Supply held its annual affiliates conference in Salt Lake City, Utah, June 12-14. Affiliates learned about new products and programs being offered through Interlink Supply and discussed ways to improve their business practices and ways to better serve their customers. Speakers included marketing specialist Joe Polish, Bridgepoint Systems President Rob Hanks and CEO Gordon Hanks, among others.

Part of the conference was sponsored by vendors and manufacturers, such as Behr Claws, Creative Expressions, InjectiDry, HydraMaster, Blue Line, and many others. New products announced included a new carpet protector created by Bridgepoint Systems and DuPont called Maxim Advanced, a smaller electric version of the TES drying system called eTES, a new improved spotting kit from Bridgepoint Systems, and a new multi-use rotary floor machine called VersaPro.

At the closing banquet of the conference, several affiliates won awards for top performances such highest sales in different categories, top educators, highest increases, and rookie of the year. The highlight of the evening was the Industry Impact award. This year's winner was Lee Pemberton. Lee's son, Jim Pemberton – also an industry guru – told about how Lee made a commitment early in his career to help independent carpet cleaners. Interlink CEO Gordon Hanks spoke about the early days at Bridgepoint Systems and how Lee was one of the first true experts they had come and teach for them. Lee received multiple standing ovations from his peers at the banquet.